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Copy of callingcard LEFlanigan LauraJane MilltownHSclassof29
callingcard.jpg LEFlanigan.jpg LauraJane.jpg MilltownHS1929.jpg
band barber coupon bestfriends1888 callingcard
band.jpg barber coupon.jpg bestfriends1888.jpg callingcard.jpg
classphoto diningroom drbaylorsoffice fan
classphoto.jpg diningroom.jpg drbaylorsoffice.jpg fan.jpg
fan_flaniganbros flaniganAr_LE_pre1904 flaniganbros_pre1904 flaniganbuilding
fanflaniganbros.jpg flanArLEpre1904.jpg Flanbrospre1904.jpg flaniganbuilding.jpg
janeflanigan manphoto mike_grandpa nancy
janeflanigan.jpg manphoto.jpg mike_grandpa.jpg nancy.jpg
nellie_school nelliewalking porch porch2
nellie_school.jpg nelliewalking.jpg porch.jpg porch2.jpg
rothrockmill schoolphoto stationary-building store
rothrockmill.jpg schoolphoto.jpg stationary.jpg store.jpg
swingingbridge taxstamps tinphoto tinphoto_woman
swingingbridge.jpg taxstamps.jpg tinphoto.jpg tinphoto_woman.jpg
Eclipse 1900 Milltown 1903+    



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DocumentsPhotographs History
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